IKARUS Antivirus

IKARUS Home edition

IKARUS anti-virus protects your devices and data from both previously known and newly emerging malware – without any negative effect on the performance of your machine. All files and archives on your computer are evaluated, executed, simulated and monitored in a multi-layer process. Behavioral analysis also identifies malware by its malicious and unwanted behavior or harmful characteristics. Once discovered, an intruder is immediately isolated and rendered harmless.

IKARUS Business Version

One console for all endpoints. IKARUS antivirus protects any number of PCs, laptops and servers from viruses, malware and spam. Manage your clients across different locations via a web interface, and benefit from being able to respond quickly and effectively to any threats thanks to targeted notifications. Communication over the internet is secured, regardless of the location of the managed devices. IKARUS antivirus is multi-tenant capable and fully scalable. You benefit from easy administration of all managed licenses and devices with a single login, no matter the scale. Management incurs no additional license fees or costs for installation, updates or maintenance.

IKARUS Android Version

protects your device and data reliably and efficiently using daily updates and definable scan intervals. Additionally, all newly installed or updated apps are being monitored and the USSD blocker prevents the automatic execution of potentially malicious USSD codes. If your device is lost or stolen, you’re able to use the full version theft-protection feature, which is operated via SMS commands. Moreover, the device can be automatically locked when changing the SIM card.The Privacy Control rates installed apps based on their permissions.